Adele - Someone Like You

Kita dengarkan dulu lagu ini, hayati lirik lagu ini dan luahkan apa yang anda rasa di ruangan komen dibawah... =(

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Kori H.S said...

Antara luahan pendengar menerusi laman U-Tube :

"My boyfriend broke up with me:'( I listened to this song and started to cry because i was so touched.... i LOVE this song! its helped me through the hardest time! I still love him but I dont know if he even likes me anymore!:(:( So i texted him and I said Hey, I know we haven't talked but I love you. I have loved you for 2 years and i'll never stop. you have FOREVER kept a part of my heart Later he texted me back and said i relized how wrong i am can you forgive me? i did(: Never lose hope.<3.." apa pula luahan anda??

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